Transform a complex annual report into an appealing experience

APG - Annual Report



How can we introduce people to complex pension related topics in a fun, accessible and above all personal and relevant way?


Pensions can be an overwhelming and complicated topic and pension related decisions are often postponed until the last years before the actual pension. Also, many people are unaware of the fact they can make their own pension decisions at all.


Walk with us is a first person interactive video in which users take a walk through their pension year together with APG. Along the way, they face a number of recognizable dilemmas, about money, sustainability and the future. Their choices impact the storyline, this way people only see topics that are relevant for their personal preferences. Step by step, they learn more about pensions and what role APG plays for them and for the rest of the Netherlands.

After the videos ends an online platform offers users additional information based on their choices. The video and the platform are developed for mobile-first in order to address the target group. Various means and channels were used to activate the campaign:

– Promotional video for press and business partners

– Behind the scenes video for employees

– APG offices transformed into experience areas where everyone can experience the video and walk along.

– Six different social media teasers based on three target groups for A/B testing.


Pensioen Pro Award 2019 35.500 users