Promote a sci-fi exhibition in a futuristic sci-fi way

Kunsthal Rotterdam



How can we promote the Kunsthal exhibition ‘Science Fiction: A Journey into the Unknown’ in a way that suits the exhibition?


Through innovation, an ordinary tram ride in Rotterdam can transform into a sci-fi themed journey into the unknown.


In collaboration with public transport company RET a Rotterdam tram was reconstructed and transformed into an ‘augmented reality tram’ which surprises people with extraterrestrial objects during their daily commute. The unsuspecting travelers presume that they witness an ordinary window, but in reality they look at a screen that displays otherworldly scenes through augmented reality. A UFO attacking the tram, an alien crawling over the window or an astronaut lost in Rotterdam? It is possible in this futuristic tram.


The promotional video gained an organic reach of 100K+ views Mentioned in media as Algemeen Dagblad, Metro, Adformatie