Use augmented reality to improve your own wifi situation

Vodafone Ziggo - Ziggo Wifi Assistant



How can Ziggo empower its customers to precisely map their wifi-situation and help them to get the most out of their wifi?


Augmented reality can help to make Wifi tangible and by inserting measuring point a person can get in control of his/her own wifi situation.


This augmented reality wifi-tool enables users to make a personal wifi situation analysis, without having to consult a mechanic. A 3D representation of the user’s office of home is created by taking speed test on several measuring points. Algorithm based on the measurement points shows improvement tips and tricks for each individual WiFi analysis. If users cannot find a solution, they can easily share the results of their measurements with customer service for a thorough analysis


40.000 downloads in first two weeks only 20.000 monthly active users +300.000 active AR measurepoints 05:20 min average user engagement