Create a banking product that supports financial education

Rabobank - Rabo PinPin



In a cashless society where pocket money is usually transferred digitally money becomes like an abstraction, to children especially. Furthermore, new PSD2-legislation has broken down the bank’s monopoly on It’s customer data. What if we empowered kids to access their own financial data and gave money a face? Literally.


Rabo PinPin was created against the background of two widespread financial challenges: how to shape PSD2 compliant banking products and how to educate children about financial topics?


PinPin is an augmented reality penguin that teaches children about finance in a fun and playful way and helps parents in the financial upbringing of their kids. By creating an unique connection between the app’s gameplay and a child’s actual bank account we were able to give kids real-time access to their balance without them being able to actually spend money. Virtual in-game currency allows children to nurture PinPin by buying the penguin food, drinks, clothes and accessories.

Thisway children get accustomed to making digital transactions. Children can set theirown saving goals and see how their current balance matches their wish list. Parents can keep track of their child’s playing behaviour through a special parent module and check their saving goals. Gamification, innovative technologies and new European legislation allowed us to facilitate a revolutionary common ground for both parents and children to interact over financial topics.


Adopted by 95 % of all local Rabobanks
Downloaded in 130.000 households
100 % increase in newly opened children’s bank accounts